Welcome to our car wash!

Bubble Clean is an exterior express car wash with high suction vacuums.  From the time of purchase to exiting the car wash it takes approximately 3 minutes.

You begin at this canopy and drive into one of the 3 pay stalls. We have a height restriction of 7’1″. The pay point will welcome you and display our menu.


We have our a la carte menu of:

These are our monthly renewable plans.

Wash all you like!!

All wash purchases come with free vacuums!

The attendant will guide you on the conveyor, customer will place car in neutral
Do not brake or steer car once on conveyor.
You will now enter our wash with the best chemical cleaning, soft fiber wheels in the industry. Your car will be rinsed with R.O. (reverse osmosis) water for a spot free rinse. The car will be air dried with our 180 HP dryers.

Vehicles that cannot go through the wash are:

1. Trucks or Jeeps with lights above the windshield.
2. Power antennas that will not retract.
3. Truck beds must not have rope, fishing poles, oil, sand or other objects that might blow out or get tangled in the equipment.
4. Tires cannot touch both sides of the conveyor track.
5. Ramps and other objects on the back of vehicles.
6. Lumber racks.

Bubble Clean is a family owned company in business since 1975. Please visit our Texas locations at:

Texas Locations Hours:

7:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.   Seven Days a Week – Rain or Shine

When in California visit one of our 8 locations. We proudly offer Chevron fuel, large, clean convenience stores and car washes.

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